Wine Pairing Under $8.00

Click on Wine Searcher.  Wine Searcher is an excellent starting point to identify: a particular wine, its year’s of availability, and cost based on the  country and currency of which you wish to make your purchase.  

Favorable Wine List

Il Borro  Lamelle, Pian di Nova
VerrazzanoAcinatico Amarone della ValpolicellaBrunello di Montalcino
Montalcino Banfi
Modus Wine
Nero D’Avola
Ruffino Reserva Ducale or Ruffino
Rocca delle Macie
Quinta do Tedo (Portugual)
Remole FrescobaldiTenuta delle Terre Nere (Etna)
Torre dei Pazzi
Santa Margharitta
Salice Salentino
Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Organic Wines  National Organic Wine List

Alcohol Consumption

For a woman, 1 glass of wine is recommended per day and for a man 2 glasses of wine per day.  Same with beer, 1 bottle of beer/day for a woman and 2 bottles of beer/day for men.  Liquor is in moderation with a recommendation of 1.5 oz per/day (1 shot).  I can say that knowing something about the taste of Italian, French, Spanish and Australian wines that they are all good.  My personal favorite are Chianti’s from Tuscany and Red and White wines from Puglia, Italy of which the taste is light (for whites) and of full body (for Red’s).
The latest research on the grapes DNA has indicated that certain grapes have reached a level of maturity.  This means that various wines will be more flavorful and more availalbe globally!

“Itadori Tea and red wine both supply relatively high concentrations of resveratrol,” states the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry.  Furthemore their studies have shown that, ”For people who do not consume alcohol, Itadori tea may be a suitable substitute for red wine.” More studies are being done on Itadori Tea to better understand the effects and benefits of it on the body, as well as, how the non-flavonoid resveratrol contibutes to ones overall health.  J Agric Food Chem. 2002 May 22;50(11):3337-40

Articles on Wine

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  2. Beauty of Wine and Juice

  3. Aphrodisiacs

  4. 3 Effective Steps to Increase HDL

  5. Sangria’s Best

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Recommended Wines

  1. Morbier Cheese                     Reuilly White Wine $9.99, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio
  2. Strawberries/ Peaches  Richter Reisling Piesporter Michelsberg $9.99, Santa Margherita Chardonnay
  3. Nuts: Walnuts Port and for Almonds Sherry or Vin Santo
  4. Dessert, Chocolate:  Brut Champagne.  Other desserts: Port or Sherry

Gift Giving

  1. Bon Anno red $19.99
  2. Nora white $15.00
  3. Codice red $9.99

  4. Via Firenze Chianti $9.99

  5. Verrazzano

  6. Chianti Classico

  7. Gabbiano

Organic Wines

  1. Ceago
  2. Freywine
  3. BonTerra

For More Info on Jungle Jim’s Wine and Beer Dept. Visit the following link:

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